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Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialist- Richard Perlin

Addiction can wreak havoc on a Family. Most addicts are in denial and  don't even realize how much harm they are doing to themselves and their families. 

A drug intervention specialist can help a family by performing an intervention designed to help the addict recognise how much harm they are actually doing.

The job of an intervention specialist is to help the addict understand the connection between their use of drugs and the problems in their life. A great interventionist doesn't stop there though, they make sure that a structured plan is in place to help the addict and insure that things get better not worse. 

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About Family Focused Interventions

Family focused interventions was founded by Richard Perlin a Drug & Alcohol Intervention specialist In Huntington Beach, CA. 

Family focused interventions will help you navigate the chaos and anxiety that is ever present when a loved one is dealing with addiction. Richard and his staff have strength and knowledge combined with a positive attitude to help your family battle addiction.